CONTROVERSY: Dustin Johnson and Kevin Na in CONCESSION argument at WGC

Social media reacts to controversial Kevin Na and Dustin Johnson incident on the 11th hole at the WGC Match Play...

Dustin Johnson and Kevin Na in CONTROVERSIAL concession incident at WGC
Dustin Johnson and Kevin Na in CONTROVERSIAL concession incident at WGC

Dustin Johnson and Kevin Na were involved in a brief altercation over a conceded putt on the 11th hole during their group match on Friday at the WGC Match Play at Austin Country Club. 

The incident unfolded after Johnson missed his seven-foot putt for birdie and then picked up his ball from 13 inches away. Na, however, was not happy about it as Johnson had not waited for him to concede the putt. 

Resting his hand on Johnson's shoulder, Na can then be overheard saying: "Just, just wait, right. I know it's this [short putt] but you still have to wait until I say it's alright."

Johnson's reaction was, well, as expected...




Sir Nick Faldo reacted to the incident on the live broadcast by saying: "Hmm. It's the rules..."

Under the rules of golf, a putt is officially classed as being conceded only when your opponent gives you the nod or says it's good to pick up the ball. 


Na, despite already being out of the tournament, would have the last laugh in the match as he went on to win 1up after making a birdie on the final hole. 

The victory for Na also eliminated World No.1 Johnson from the tournament. 




Golf fans have been reacting to the altercation, with many for and against Na's words with Johnson. 





"I'm on Na’s side here," tweeted one golf fan. "These guys arent newbies, Everyone knows Na is a stickler for the rules, So when you play with a stickler you already know before hand. Some guys dont care, Some do."

"Kevin Na is me talking to my three-year-old son," tweeted another fan.



"Na is 100% right," tweeted one golfer. "What happens when DJ picks up a left to righter from two feet on the 18th. Amateur stuff from DJ. Every competitive golfer knows this."

One golf fan tweeted: "I didn't think I could dislike Kevin Na any more, but then he did this."

"DJ could not care less, what a guy," tweeted another.

"Kevin Na will regret this," said one golf fan. 

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