"Freaking Port-a-Pottys on every hole!" Jon Rahm calls for change on PGA Tour!

Jon Rahm says his priorities for change on the PGA Tour are a lot lower than people think ahead of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

"Freaking Port-a-Pottys on every hole!" Jon Rahm calls for change on PGA Tour!
"Freaking Port-a-Pottys on every hole!" Jon Rahm calls for change on PGA…

Jon Rahm is a man of simple pleasures in life, especially when it comes to life on the PGA Tour.

But when you've got to go, you've got to go...

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With the world of professional golf heading into unknown territory right now following the PGA Tour's decision to partner with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), change is forthcoming in more ways than one for the world's best players.

So is there one particular change Rahm, 28, wants to see on the PGA Tour? 


Port-a-Pottys on every hole. 

You heard that right.

Over to you, Rahmbo.: 

Who remembers when Rahm got caught short out on the golf course when playing alongside Dustin Johnson back in 2019?!


Rahm said: 

"I can tell you right now my priorities are a lot lower than what a lot of people would think. If I have to -- if I go by request -- I know this is going to sound very stupid, but as simple as having a freaking Port-a-Potty on every hole -- I know it sounds crazy, but I can't choose when I have to go to the bathroom. I've told the Tour this many times, as simple as that.
"Just simple little things better for the Tour. Even though they do a phenomenal job throughout the year, just making it more consistent."

The current FedEx Cup leader then thought about the question some more and addressed a few more changes he would like to see on the PGA Tour.


Rahm added: 

"Those TPC events, because the PGA Tour is more involved, our food situation is unbelievable. They have nutritionists that they've hired to work with and the options and the sources are incredible, so I would like to see that more across the board at every single Tour event.
"I would like to see physio areas to be a little bit better. Even though the gym trailer is great, it's still a trailer, so when you have three people in it you're a little crowded, so seeing better workout facilities, as well.
"Those are kind of things that I hope come out throughout this whole thing.
I've mentioned many times making the Tour better for the players, and I mean that.
"The very basic things they can do in tournaments to make them all as good as they can be is where I'd like to see some changes. Everything else can come out afterwards, but I'm not so worried about purses and bonuses and those things.
"I think giving us the best amenities possible is one of those things that should be a concern. That's at least a lot of things I keep going to with them. It's not usually what's in people's minds."

Rahm is bidding to the win the FedEx Cup for the first time in his career. 

When pressed on whether PGA Tour commissioner Monahan should remain in his role following his decision to partner with Saudi Arabia, after everything that had been said on the circuit last season, Rahm believes he should be given a bit more time. 

On Monahan's leadership, Rahm said: 

"I think he should have the opportunity right now to finish this off the way he did. I think we're quickly forgetting how well he managed a lot of things.
"He did an amazing job in COVID and kept a lot of people employed. We were the first major sport to come back. I know UFC was doing fights, but we were the major sport to come back.
"A lot of players were able to earn their cards and keep competing thanks to that. I think we shouldn't forget that that quickly. Again, we should give him the chance to see this through.
"Then after everything is said and done, if players want to make a change, then that would be a better time, but right now I don't think it is."

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