Jon Rahm reveals special gift wife brings him ahead of every round on PGA Tour

Jon Rahm reveals his wife Kelley Cahill is in charge of the sandwiches before every round on PGA Tour. 

Jon Rahm reveals special gift wife brings him before every PGA Tour event
Jon Rahm reveals special gift wife brings him before every PGA Tour event

Jon Rahm has revealed how his wife and college sweetheart Kelley Cahill brings him sandwiches to the golf course before every round he plays on the PGA Tour

Rahm, 28, confirmed such information when answering the final question of his pre-tournament press conference at the 70-man FedEx St Jude Championship, the first leg of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. 

Earlier in his presser, Rahm explained how the only change he really wants to see on the PGA Tour right now is "freaking Port-a-Pottys on every hole!"

But then he moved quickly onto food. 

"Do you have any snacks or food in your bag you eat throughout the round?" a reporter asked the World No.3 who is bidding to win the FedEx Cup for the first time in his career.

Rahm replied:

"Snacks? Do I look like I don't eat food? Yes. It's become a little bit more apparent that people are catching on to the sandwiches I have on the golf course. I do have some sandwiches that I eat throughout the course.Nothing special.
"Kelley is in charge of them. Thank God I have her because otherwise I would forget to make them every single time. It's three of them, and obviously six halves, and eat them every three holes more or less. That's what I do."

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Rahm is always supported from the stands by his wife and college sweetheart Kelley Cahill

She was born in February 1994 and was raised by her mother Nancy and father Rob.

Kelley grew up near Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the United States. She has one brother called Marty.

She has a sporty background and is a graduate from Arizona State University.

In college Kelley participated in events such as javelin and is reportedly fond of tennis, boxing and track and field.

It was there she met Rahm and the couple began dating and eventually moved in together in 2017.

The couple reportedly enjoyed games of tennis against each other.

Though on one occasion Kelley revealed she was so mad Rahm managed to beat her with 'crosscourt zingers' and she was 'furious'.

Kelley said of this:

"This can't be right. He was so good. I was so upset. I was actually mad for a day or two... We have not set foot on a tennis court since." 

After both graduating, they lived together for two years before getting engaged and married in 2018. 

Marriage and birth of their first child

The couple got engaged in 2018 and married in Bilbao, Spain, which is Jon's hometown. 

It was a fairy tale wedding. The couple wed in the same church Jon attended when he was younger with his grandmother. 

Speaking before the big day, Rahm said:

"I think the part I’m looking forward to – in Spain, it's going to be a Catholic wedding, a church that I basically grew up going to with my grandma, and it's a really special place for all people of the City of Bilbao.
"And I think when I see those doors open and see her walking down the aisle for the first time, I think it's going to be what I'm looking forward to the most, that first moment of seeing her walk down the aisle."

The couple announced in November 2020 they were due to have their first child. 

Unfortunately for Rahm, the due date coincided with the re-scheduled Masters Tournament at Augusta National. 

Still, Jon was more than prepared to hot-foot it from the property had Kelley gone into labour. 

He joked before the tournament:

"If anybody's thinking of a betting on me on the Masters, maybe think about it twice because there’s a chance I have to just turn around and leave that week."

Fortunately, he dodged that bullet and Kepa Cahill Rahm was born on April 3, 2021, at around 12.15am. Proud parent Rahm shared an image of the "greatest day of his life".

Rahm wrote: "Momma Kelley is doing great and recovering. Kepa is also in great health.

"He is 7.2lb and 20.5ins, big boy from the Basque Country. Without a doubt the greatest day of my life!"

In August 2022 they welcomed their second child into the world. Eneko Cahill Rahm was born on 5 August. 

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