"IT'S WIZARDRY" Billy Horschel demonstrates 'badass' new party trick

PGA Tour pro Billy Horschel demonstrated a nifty new way to pick up the golf ball during the WGC Match Play.

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Sat, 25 Mar 2023
"IT'S WIZARDRY" Billy Horschel demonstrates 'badass' new party trick

Billy Horschel didn't have a very good day at the WGC Match Play. 

The American got battered in his last 16 tie against Cameron Young, but he did demonstrate this saucy new trick.  

Golf fans absolutely salivated over this. Even those that dislike the tempestuous 36-year-old.  

Billy Horschel, we are absolutely dying to know, how long did it take you to learn this?

Watch here: 

That's pretty sweet, isn't it?! 

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Comments included:

"The only part of this I'm capable of is missing the putt."

"Me after making a triple bogey on No. 1"

"Been working on that for weeks I bet!"

"It's wizardry!"

"That was badass."

"I'm gonna start practicing this witch craft right now."

"Uh, can he teach me how to do that?"

"LIV golfers could never..."

"Gangster stuff."

"Bet he practiced this a lot before doing it here."

"Ok I can't stand this guy but this... I'll give him some props."

"My putter got bent"

Horschel revealed to the media earlier in the week that the putter he was using is now out of commission. 

He stressed that it wasn't bent by him, but added: 

Here's the full exchange Horschel had with a reporter discussing his new flat stick. 

Q. What's the model?


"It's a Sigma Tyne 4 I think it's called. Same model I've been using for about four years now."

Q. I know you didn't bend it; how did the old one get bent?


"I have no clue. Travel probably. Just it was bent probably three or four degrees closed because I putted with it Sunday with TA before I hopped on a flight, and I brought it out of the bag on Monday, and I was like, wow, this putter is not looking the same anymore.
"It happens. We all know it happens. Pros aren't any different than amateurs with clubs and travel. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I've got a putter now that I feel happy with."

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