Jon Rahm, Patrick Cantlay at odds with controversial idea: "Doesn't make sense!"

Jon Rahm says he has gone 'back-and-forth' on this hot topic. 

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Wed, 31 May 2023
Jon Rahm, Patrick Cantlay at odds with controversial idea: "Doesn't make sense!"

Whilst Jon Rahm hasn't changed his mind about politics getting involved in the Ryder Cup team selections, the PGA Tour superstar has gone back-and-forth on the debate about having a cut. 

Cast your mind back to February 2022 and all hell was breaking loose in the men's professional game. 

Rahm was at Riviera getting ready to play the event Tiger Woods hosts when he was asked whether he would be accepting a multimillion dollar offer to join LIV Golf

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The answer was clear if not a little bit hilarious as the Spaniard pledged his 'fealty' to the PGA Tour. Shotgun start? 54 holes? No cut? "It's not a golf tournament," Rahm said. 

It is obvious the PGA Tour have had to adapt since Rahm offered that opinion.

Phil Mickelson has suggested those at the tour are copying LIV's blueprint when it was announced the 'designated' events would likely have no cuts in 2024. 

Speaking in March, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan they were very much 'in the middle of figuring all this' out. Still, it was transparent the preference would be not to have cuts. 

After Rahm sounded off on not being able to partner Sergio Garcia in Rome for Ryder Cup Europe later this year, he said he had also gone back and forth on the issue, adding: 

"I had first was an advocate for no cut and the more time has gone by I've become an advocate for a cut. So I think it's a part of the game and I think it's an important part of the game, as harsh as it may be to cut out maybe only 20 players.
"At the flip side, you know, it's only 20 players that you have to beat to make the cut. So I think it's a part of it. You earn your way into the weekend and then you earn that win.
"It's a part I enjoy and I experienced recently at the PGA. I mean, that Friday had a different feel when I was fighting to make the cut. It's a different type of pressure and you never know what playing good on a Friday to make the cut might ignite towards the weekend."

What would happen if it went away?

Rahm said:

"If that went away, Tiger making 140-something cuts in a row wouldn't have the same significance because that would never be broken again. So like I said, I pushed for the no cut and then as time has gone by I actually, I think we should have a cut."

Patrick Cantlay offered a different stance. 

"Yeah, I think there's, with it being a limited field I don't think it makes sense to have a cut," Cantlay said. 

"I think there's real power in knowing that the best players are going to be there all four days no matter what."

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