PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops HUGE bombshell

Jay Monahan insisted the LIV Golf-prompted changes to the PGA Tour are what the fans want as Phil Mickelson hit back with a huge claim.

PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops $1bn bombshell
PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops $1bn…

Jay Monahan admitted the absence of Cameron Smith at the 2023 Players Championship is 'awkward' as Phil Mickelson made an audacious claim about a private conversation with the PGA Tour commissioner. 

Monahan faced the media on 7 March before the flagship event of the established tour, which boasts the richest prize purse in its history. 

Understandably, Monahan was flooded with a number of questions about the direction of the PGA Tour after plans were unveiled for the 2024 season to have eight designated no-cut events with fields of 70-80 players. 

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It is important to note that the schedule has yet to be finalised but it does appear the PGA are resolute in ploughing forward with this blueprint that their LIV Golf rivals believe they have copied

Monahan spoke to the media for more than 45 minutes on Tuesday and incredibly never even mentioned the words: LIV Golf.

The commissioner also stated he firmly believes the proposed changes are what the fans want. 

Pressed on whether the changes resemble their Greg Norman-led rival, Monahan stated:

"I would ask you, do you think we really look the same?
"And the players that are competing in our events in this new format next year will have earned the right to compete in them and they will have earned it through top-50 position in the FedExCup this year, as well as their performance in the fall and ultimately in these swings.
"So that's what this organization has always stood for. I think as we look out to 2024, 2025, 2026, the same will hold true." 

"Yes, it's awkward"

Monahan also addressed the absence of the aforementioned Smith

The tour commissioner proudly stated last March that Smith will always receive a hero's welcome at TPC Sawgrass. 

Those comments appear to have come back and bitten him in the backside as one of the PGA's brightest stars bolted for LIV Golf. 

Smith's parking space at the venue was removed in what was perceived as a cheap and petty dig.  

Still, Smith saw the funny side of it all and stated he might turn up anyway as a spectator

Monahan said:

"Listen, Cam Smith had a great performance in 2022. He was a deserved champion. I think as I look to this week and I look at the field that we have here and the strength from top to bottom, I think when we leave here on Sunday night we're going to crown another deserving champion.
"To answer your question directly, yes, it's awkward. But you know, ultimately that's a decision he made, and we've got an unbelievable field here this week and a history and tradition that one of these 144 is going to go seek to get.

"I've been hearing that a lot lately" 

One question facing the LIV Golf players is: do they have a route back?

Brooks Koepka is said to have 'buyer's remorse' but that his been rubbished by Norman's son. 

PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops HUGE bombshell

Monahan said on this topic:

"Yeah, for some reason I've been hearing that a lot lately, and I'm not certain where that's coming from. I mean, players that have, the players that are playing on that tour are contractually obligated to play on that tour.
"So any hypotheticals at this point really aren't relevant, and I think you know me well enough to know I'm not a big fan of hypotheticals. But our position, to answer your question directly, has not changed."

"I'm not going to comment"

The DP World Tour are in a strategic alliance with the PGA Tour, but the proposed changes have called this into question for some. 

To many, the proposed changes are further incentivising the so-called elite players to play more on the PGA Tour. 

The result? The European-based circuit will be further down the food chain. 

Monahan insisted the PGA is "rolling up" their sleeves with DP World Tour chief executive Keith Pelley every day and are committed further strengthening that partnership. 

There is also a delay in the DP World Tour v. LIV Golf hearing

PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops HUGE bombshell

Does that delay spell something ominous, Mr. Monahan?

"I can't speak to, you know, what's happening with the resolution panel. Our commitment is to Keith Pelley and the DP World Tour and every member out there.
"So as it relates to what, how this is all going to play out and what we should be feeling about it, I'm going to leave that for you guys to understand, and I'm not going to comment on it." 

Mickelson's huge claim

PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops HUGE bombshell

PGA Tour boss insists no cuts 'not like LIV' as Mickelson drops HUGE bombshell

It appears Mickelson was keeping a close eye on Monahan's press conference. 

Rory McIlroy spoke to the media earlier in the day and conceded LIV Golf has benefitted every professional golfer

Mickelson claimed he spoke to Monahan about having these eight elevated events. 

Writing on Twitter, Mickelson wrote: 

"Before I left I brought a $1bn commitment from a current PGA Tour partner to have eight elevated events and give equity and ownership in these events to the players. JM's quote was "I don't believe the league is going to happen so we won't be doing that. No vote. No discussion"

Lefty added further comment on the subject with his tweet to CBS Sports' Kyle Porter on Wednesday.

Porter then couldn't resist with his response. 

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