Jon Rahm reveals hilarious Tyrrell Hatton tale: "He didn't talk to me again"

Jon Rahm has offered his thoughts on LIV Golf, the forthcoming Ryder Cup and who he wants to play with and slow play at the 2023 Masters.

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Tue, 1 Aug 2023
Jon Rahm reveals hilarious Tyrrell Hatton tale: "He didn't talk to me again"

Jon Rahm had quite a lot to say when he joined the Golf Sin Etiquetas podcast.

That's not exactly a surprising statement, given Rahm has a history of absolutely not holding back on any topic. 

During a conversation that lasted more than an hour, Rahm talked about:

Handicap54 has translated the entire interview from Spanish to English. 

Rahm was asked about the potential of joining LIV Golf in light of the 6 June announcement to create a new golf company. 

Once again Rahm laughed at the idea of bolting, stating he has never liked the format. 

Rahm did say that he has believed since the very beginning the PGA Tour adopted the wrong strategy and created an unnecessary divide.

One other topic discussed at length over the past year is slow play. 

During the final round of the 2023 Masters Rahm was pictured alongside Brooks Koepka looking somewhat fed up with how slow players were making their way around Augusta National. 

Koepka immediately pointed the finger of blame towards Patrick Cantlay

Rahm told the podcast that Cantlay is definitely slow. "But at the Masters, he had to wait like we did," he said. "It wasn't his fault." 

"He didn't speak to me anymore"

Rahm also revealed he has been told by Ryder Cup Europe there are three players they are thinking of pairing him with in September. 

He would not reveal who those players are but did say that England's Tyrrell Hatton was one of them. 

Although Rahm joked that he managed to get under Hatton's skin in Whistling Straits. 

Rahm said he told the Englishman he would continue calling him 'Tyrrell with an American accent until you make a f---ing birdie'. 

"I know he doesn't like it at all," Rahm joked. "He didn't talk to me anymore". 

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