Jordan Spieth admits trust issues with PGA Tour boss: "We're in the dark!"

Jordan Spieth says Jay Monahan has trust issues to navigate amid the PGA Tour's framework agreement with LIV Golf's financiers.

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Wed, 12 Jul 2023
Jordan Spieth admits trust issues with PGA Tour boss: "We're in the dark!"

Jordan Spieth suggested PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has a long way to go to win back trust as he criticised the continued lack of information available to players over the planned merger with LIV Golf's backers. 

Two senior PGA Tour officials were grilled by US lawmakers on 11 July and there were some absolute bombshells. 

GolfMagic has already written about 10 of the most pertinent ones from the bizarre hearing. 

And the PGA Tour has already moved quickly to deny one proposal relating to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

As for Spieth, who is in the field for this week's Scottish Open, the 29-year-old said 'we're very much in the dark'. 

He explained: 

"I guess I'm not exactly sure [what to make of the PIF/Senate hearing] because it seems like you see reports, you hear things, and then you see reports, and then some things have changed and then other things have changed. Then there's disagreements on a couple items. 
"I think if there's any disagreements, it won't work. Honestly we're very much in the dark on it. I don't sit on the board and I'm not on the PAC either. You talk to a lot of other players, it's been quite a shock from the get-go." 


PGA Tour boss Monahan is returning to work on 17 July.

He temporarily stepped away from his role owing to an unexplained medical condition. 

When Monahan announced he would be resuming his duties, he did so with the admission the last two years had been 'gruelling'. 

Spieth said:

"Clearly I think we would probably liked to have seen him [Monahan] at the Senate hearing if he was able to do so, just as a representative of the tour.
"But I don't know if there's anything that concerns me. I just hear, if you name one factor of it, I've probably heard yes and no on either side of it on about every piece of it."

Spieth suggested Monahan is going to have to navigate some trust issues going forward, given that this deal was hatched in secret in a series of meetings across the globe. 

"I think he realises that," said Spieth. "I'm sure he's preparing for a plan to try and build it back." 

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