Lee Trevino says "everybody has made money" off LIV Golf - even PGA Tour players

Golf legend Lee Trevino believes many players have benefitted from the riches of LIV Golf, but admitted he hasn't watched the Saudi-backed series yet.

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Sat, 5 Nov 2022
Lee Trevino says "everybody has made money" off LIV Golf - even PGA Tour players

Six-time major-winning legend Lee Trevino believes all players have benefitted from the emergence of the LIV Golf Tour, even PGA Tour players.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Trevino doesn't think the PGA Tour's audience will diminish because of the Saudi-backed series as the Tour is still in a secure position.

The 'Merry Mex' referred to when the PGA Tour was formed back in 1969. Several leading players voiced concerns about the old circuit and they formed the Tournament Players Division. It was formally named the PGA Tour in 1975.

Last weekend, LIV Golf held the Team Championship finale in Miami worth $50 million. This was the eighth and final event of a season which dished out $25 million in prize money each week.

Despite winning 29 times on Tour, Trevino earned just over $3 million in his career. He expressed his happiness for the likes of Pat Perez and Harold Varner III who have earned handsome sums since making the controversial switch.

"I may not know much, but I know that LIV Golf has made people a heck of a lot of money," Trevino said.
"I look at my friend Pat Perez who made $8 million this year and I think, I came along too early (in my career). Not only the people who made money from LIV Golf, but the $20 million dollars they will be playing for on the PGA Tour - everybody has made more money.
"I think that’s wonderful. I do. I can’t answer what would have happened if I had that. I don’t know.
"This LIV thing is the same thing that we did when we broke from the PGA (of America) in 1969," he added.
"I didn’t (go). I stayed with the PGA, but other players broke away. I don’t think it will affect anything. As long as Europe is (financially) stable and the Saudis, then this will be fine."

Back in July, Trevino said that "the sails are going to break on that ship," referring to the new series which is yet to gain Official World Golf Ranking points.

Since the emergence of the new league commissioned by Greg Norman, the PGA Tour has significantly increased prize purses for the 2022/2023 season.

The Tour has supposedly guaranteed the participation of the 'top 20' players in 20 events, the majority of which will include prize funds of $20 million.

It is these changes that Trevino attributes to the emergence of LIV Golf. If only his career came a couple of generations later and he could've enjoyed the inflated paycheques.