Olympic Golf HEADSHOTS: Xander Schauffele, Rory McIlroy, Patrick Reed

Golf fans react to hilarious Olympic Golf headshots of some of the world's best golfers at the Tokyo Games

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Mon, 2 Aug 2021
Olympic Golf HEADSHOTS: Xander Schauffele, Rory McIlroy, Patrick Reed...

When it comes to taking Olympic Golf headshots, the same process applies to your Passport photo. Sit on a stool, gaze into the camera, pretend you just three-jabbed for par, and then wait for some flashing lights to blind you. 

While only a handful of headshots have been doing the rounds on social media following the Men's Olympic Golf Tournament last week, the ones that have seen the light of day on Twitter are comedy gold. 



New Olympic Golf champion Xander Schauffele looks like someone just took away his gold medal, Patrick Reed looks like he's off to high school, and Alex Noren looks like he considered trying to break the rules. Rory McIlroy was just posing normally with his "pea head". 

We are questioning the validity of the Reed one, as he does look pretty different, but apparently it was taken last week so we will have to go along with that for now!




Here's how other golf fans reacted to the snaps: 

"How come Patrick Reed looks about 12 and the others look about 50? Did he bribe the cameraman or something??"

"Noren looks like he is trying to do his best impression of Jimmy Fallon laughing during his own skit."

"I'm picking Xander in the lineup for sure."

"That Pat Reed one can't be real for sure?"

"Were these taken on a Nokia phone from 2006?!"