PGA Tour caddie in critical condition after falling on head at restaurant

Caddie collapses in a Waikiki Beach restaurant.

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Tue, 16 Jan 2018

Blayne Barber's caddie was in critical condition with swelling in his brain from falling on his head at a Honolulu restaurant Saturday.

Barber, who finished tied 67th at the Sony Open, said his caddie Cory Gilmer was in a Waikiki Beach restaurant when he suddenly collapsed and landed on his head.

Gilmer was still unresponsive when Barber left the hospital for his third round.

"He's in neurological ICU - a lot of bleeding and swelling in his brain," Barber said on Saturday. 

"He's responsive to the extent that he's in pain, and he said his last name, asked about his friends, asked the nurse to pray for him.

"I went by this morning. That was the last update I had. He's in pretty critical conditions. His parents are flying in tomorrow."

Barber isn't sure what caused his caddie to collapse. He said a trauma doctor in the emergency room said the staff was trying to control the swelling and bleeding without surgery.