PGA Tour players stat comparison: Tiger Woods vs Bryson DeChambeau

Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau are two of the PGA Tour's biggest stars, but how do their stats compare?

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Thu, 14 Jan 2021

PGA Tour players stat comparison: Tiger Woods vs Bryson DeChambeau

When Tiger Woods first turned professional it didn't take long before he was changing the game and winning multiple PGA Tour events and major championships at a rapid rate. Bryson DeChambeau is now changing the game in his own way, by piling on pounds of muscle and reaching speeds unheard of on the PGA Tour. But how do their stats compare?

In terms of career achievements, there is of course no competition between the two, with Woods racking up 82 PGA Tour titles and 15 majors, while DeChambeau has amassed 7 wins on the PGA Tour and picked up his first major at the US Open last year.

Check out some of the key PGA Tour statistics below and see where DeChambeau and Woods rank.

*Statistics up until the Sentry Tournament of Champions; positions will change weekly


Bryson DeChambeau - 2.965 (1st) | Tiger Woods - -2.025 (234th)


Driving Distance: Bryson DeChambeau - 329.2 yards (1st) | Tiger Woods - 290.3 (161st)

Driving Accuracy: Tiger Woods - 64.71% (61st) | Bryson DeChambeau - 60.09% (123rd)


Greens in Regulation: Bryson DeChambeau - 70.14% (T64) | Tiger Woods - 65% (T176)

Strokes Gained Approach the Green: Bryson DeChambeau - .880 (20th) | Tiger Woods - -.694 (214th)


Strokes Gained Around the Green: Bryson DeChambeau - .393(36th) | Tiger Woods - -.167 (173rd)

Sand Save Percentage: Bryson DeChambeau - 40% (T189) | Tiger Woods - 36.84% (T213)


Strokes Gained Putting: Bryson DeChambeau - .285 (71st) - Tiger Woods - -.264 (169th)

One-putt percentage: Bryson DeChambeau - 38.19% (T145) | Tiger Woods - 37.78% (T157)

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