Report: Federal judge denies bid by Tiger Woods' former girlfriend Erica Herman

A federal judge has dismissed the request by Erica Herman. 

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Tue, 6 Jun 2023
Report: Federal judge denies bid by Tiger Woods' former girlfriend Erica Herman

Erica Herman's plea to a federal judge to reconsider her case against Tiger Woods has been denied. 

Elizabeth Metzger ruled against the 38-year-old on 17 May, ordering their dispute be settled by arbitration as agreed by the terms of an NDA she signed in 2017. 

The validity of that NDA was questioned by Herman's attorney, who stated that she didn't even recall signing it and her signature may have been forged

Benjamin Hodas, representing Herman, wrote in court documents several issues were overlooked and Woods, 'could not meet his burden to establish the contract he seeks to enforce'. 

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Herman and her team asked the judge to reconsider, but Metzger disagreed and wrote in her one-page order that was made public on 6 June:

"The Court, having reviewed the Motion and being otherwise fully advised in the premises, hereby orders and adjudges that the motion is denied."

Herman's legal action against the golfer stemmed from their ugly breakup in which she alleged she was 'tricked' out of Woods' mansion for a vacation, only to be told the 15-time major champion was finished with her and she had been locked out

She first took legal action last October but not against Woods. She sued the trust held by the golfer, seeking $30m in damages. 

Herman claimed she had an 'oral tenancy agreement' to live there for several more years. Woods claimed he had offered Herman a place to live after the split but denied having any such agreement. 

Lawyers for Woods claimed she was a 'jilted ex lover'. 

She then filed a separate suit against Woods, citing new federal laws that invalidate NDAs in cases of sexual harassment. 

Woods denied any such behaviour and the judge said she didn't have enough evidence to support this claim, describing the allegations as 'threadbare'. 

The lawsuit against the trust remains pending in state court, though the judge could soon rule this be sorted out by arbitration as well. 

In other Woods news, he was spotted on the golf course again for the first time since undergoing more surgery on his right ankle.

His son Charlie Woods won a junior golf tournament and just like his father obliterated the competition, winning by a margin of eight strokes.

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