REVEALED: PGA Tour average CARRY DISTANCES - how do YOURS compare?!

How far do you hit each of your clubs? See how you compare to the average PGA Tour pro.

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Fri, 13 Aug 2021
REVEALED: PGA Tour average CARRY DISTANCES - how do YOURS compare?!

Ever wondered how far the average PGA Tour pro carries the ball with each of the clubs in their bag? Well you're in luck as the table below gives you the latest numbers from the circuit. 

Okay, not everyone hits the ball as far as the likes of Bryson DeChambeau - who incredibly once carried a drive last season 400 yards - but the below list at least gives you a broader idea as to how far the average PGA Tour pro is carrying their golf ball in 2021. 

I know for one that GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge, who plays off a low single-figure handicap, can hit the below numbers for fun - so some of you guys and girls out there may also be in the same boat. 

Personally speaking, as a 14-handicap hacker, my total distances equate to the current carry distances of the average PGA Tour pro. But with a dodgy back and a few grey hairs starting to appear now, I will take that. 

See how your carry numbers compare to the world's best on the PGA Tour in the table below, starting with the driver and moving down to the pitching wedge. 



3 WOOD - 243 YARDS

5 WOOD - 230 YARDS


3 IRON - 212 YARDS

4 IRON - 203 YARDS

5 IRON - 194 YARDS

6 IRON - 183 YARDS

7 IRON - 172 YARDS

8 IRON - 160 YARDS

9 IRON - 148 YARDS

PW - 136 YARDS


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