"Shut up!" Rory McIlroy reveals BIGGEST PET PEEVE with golf fans on PGA Tour!

Rory McIlroy explains what annoys him the most when it comes to golf fans on the PGA Tour.

"Shut up!" Rory McIlroy reveals BIGGEST PET PEEVE with golf fans on PGA Tour!
"Shut up!" Rory McIlroy reveals BIGGEST PET PEEVE with golf fans on PGA…

Rory McIlroy has revealed his biggest pet peeve on the PGA Tour is when golf fans who have been sat by the green all day comment on the break, or lack of, a putt. 

McIlroy, 34, was speaking to the media ahead of starting three strokes back of Scottie Scheffler at the Tour Championship as he goes in search of winning his fourth FedEx Cup at famed East Lake this week. 

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The record FedEx Cup holder was initially asked by a reporter what he made of a spectator shouting out in the middle of Max Homa's putting stroke at the BMW Championship last week. 

This was allegedly due to the fan gambling, to which Homa called him a 'clown'

Jon Rahm mentioned yesterday how he hears gambling interactions in the crowd "every round".

While McIlroy is all for golf fans having fun outside the ropes, he believes golf betting could prove something of a "slippery slope" if the PGA Tour is not careful. 

McIlroy said:

"I think when sports betting has become more widely legalized in this country, I think it's -- we've talked about this at the board and the PAC level for a few years. And it is a bit of a slippery slope because I don't think there's any -- maybe basketball and you can sit courtside, but I think it's a different environment where people can really affect the play out here.
"So, look, as long as it's policed the right way and as long as there's measures put in place for hopefully things like what happened to Max Homa last Saturday not to happen, because look, we're all for people out here having a good time and being able to put something on an outcome, but as long as they don't feel like they can come here and influence that outcome, I think that's important."

World No.2 McIlroy then went on to speak about his biggest pet peeve with golf fans on the PGA Tour

While it has nothing to with golf gambling as such, it does have something to do with so-called analysts sat beside the green. 

McIlroy said: 

"I think for me my biggest pet peeve is when you're reading a putt and someone that's been sitting there all day is like, it doesn't break as much as you think or whatever. Like, you know, to me, I just think, like, shut up and don't be a part of the show, just enjoy watching the golf, right?
"But I wouldn't say that's to do with gambling, per se, but, yeah, if I was here as a fan, I just want to go out and try to watch the best players in the world and have a good time doing that."

What do you make of Rory's latest comments? Do you think some golf fans overstep the mark on the PGA Tour? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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