Stewart Cink throws his golf ball in celebration and hits spectator on the head

A spectator fell to the floor after Stewart Cink celebrated his RBC Heritage victory by throwing his golf ball into the crowd.

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Mon, 19 Apr 2021
Stewart Cink throws his golf ball in celebration and hits spectator on the head

Stewart Cink claimed his third RBC Heritage title on Sunday and his second PGA Tour victory of the season, but his brilliant victory had a slightly awkward ending when he threw his golf ball into the crowd.

It's always been a celebration that I've never really understood and it's not really a surprise that we don't see it too often anymore.

Most spectators in the crowd will have their eyes on the player celebrating their win, so if a golf ball is thrown towards them, you'd hope they would see it coming, but there's always the danger that some people aren't paying attention and that's exactly what happened at Harbour Town Golf Links yesterday.

Now Cink didn't exactly launch his golf ball like a pitcher in a baseball game, but golf balls aren't exactly soft.

It did seem like a slightly exagerrated fall from the spectator - who perhaps was thinking of an insurance claim - but I'm sure it still had Cink feeling a little worried for a moment.

After claiming his eighth PGA Tour title on Sunday, Cink was celebrating his victory with his family, when the 47-year-old decided to throw his ball into the crowd of spectators...


Hopefully the spectator involved is okay and I'm sure they are, but after the video was posted on No Laying Up's Twitter page, a fellow PGA Tour player replied in the comments, sharing his own story where he got into some trouble for doing something similar.

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