Tiger Woods shuts down reporter's question to Charlie Woods: "No comment!"

Tiger Woods jokingly shut down a question to Charlie Woods after the duo shot a 13-under 59 at the PNC Championship despite both being hurt.

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Sun, 18 Dec 2022
Tiger Woods shuts down reporter's question to Charlie Woods: "No comment!"

Tiger Woods jokingly shut down a reporter's question to Charlie Woods after the first round of the PNC Championship before the little cat admitted he has newfound respect for his father. 

Earlier in the week the Woodses turned heads as Tiger appeared to showcase a new warmup routine with a baseball bat and 13-year-old Charlie was limping heavily.  

Tiger joked in his pre-tournament press conference that Charlie's hurt left ankle was still "better than mine". 

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Apparently, Charlie rolled his ankle whilst hitting golf balls on the range. He was later pictured clipping away shots wearing a golf shoe on his right foot and a trainer on the left. 

During the first round Charlie appeared to be in real pain, visibly wincing on more than a few occasions. 

That being said the duo managed to combine to shoot a 13-under 59. Tiger chipped in for eagle and gave us a little fist pump and also played a beauty from the pine straw to prove there's still life in the cat. 

The pair will start the final round two strokes behind leaders Justin Thomas and Mike Thomas. 

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Charlie said after the first round:

"I mean, I have found a new respect for him now after getting a minor, a very minor injury. I mean, I wouldn't really call it [my ankle] an injury, it just hurt. 
"But just to see what he's going through and for me [to experience] a fraction of it. Like, it hurts. It's just cool how he's gotten to where he is now." 

Tiger interjected: 

"There's a big difference between pain an injury. This is just pain. If you're injured, you're not playing, this is just a little bit of pain and it's game time so we just go out there and we suck it up together. 
"As I said over here, we're the perfect ying and yang. He's got a left foot, I've got a right foot. We've got two good feet, so we're good." 


A short time later the duo gave a full press conference to the media where Tiger jokingly shut down a reporter's question to Charlie. 

Asked to rate his father's game, Tiger jumped in: "No comment!" 

Then Charlie added:  

"I mean, he played great today. He had to carry me all day." 

Tiger continued: 

"He's a great teammate. He's my son. We have -- we have fun out there. At the end of the day that's what it's all about. It's about us having an opportunity to bond. We do this at home all the time, and you know, you guys are now seeing what we do all the time at home. We just have fun. We needle each other. We encourage each other. It goes back and forth.
"It just -- it's just an amazing relationship, and it just deepens the bond between father and son. It's been incredible over the years to be able to share this stage and this atmosphere with him."

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