You initially wouldn't recognise Scottie Scheffler in this new clip

Masters champion Scottie Scheffler is now rocking a beard, prompting suggestions he has replaced Dustin Johnson as the PGA Tour's "beard guy".

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Thu, 24 Nov 2022
You initially wouldn't recognise Scottie Scheffler in this new clip

Dustin Johnson may have joined LIV Golf  but it appears we have a suitable successor to the PGA Tour's beard guy: Scottie Scheffler

It's a quieter part of the year now. The fall swing has just concluded and so we look ahead to 2023 and another year of exciting major championships. 

As you would expect, Scheffler is spending his time off trying to get into better shape. 

Performance coach Doctor Troy Van Biezen has posted a short clip putting the Masters champion through his paces. 

Watch here: 

You might have noticed that Justin Thomas - who has warned Max Homa to stay away from Bones - has liked the post. 

Perhaps that is the two-time major champion giving 25-year-old Scheffler his approval of his fresh look? 

Of course Scheffler's beard was picked up by social media users. 

It was pointed out that there are many other PGA Tour players who have rocked a beard for quite some time. 

There's last season's rookie of the year, Cameron Young. Not to mention Jon Rahm and Shane Lowry

What do you think? Can you get on board with Scheffler 2.0? In fairness, it has often been pointed out that Scheffler looks much, much older than 26 years. 

This clearly does him no favours. 

Speaking of changing images, Bryson DeChambeau has recently opened up on his famous bulking diet. 

DeChambeau turned up to the 2020-2021 PGA Tour season looking considerably large and in charge. The man was an absolute unit

Now the American admits that his diet was a mistake

He said: 

"I had such huge mood swings from it, I look like I'm 20 again, not 35.
"I ate things that were not great for my system that I was very sensitive to and ultimately it got to the point where it was a little bit too much. 
"I ate improperly for almost a year and a half and I was starting to feel weird, my gut was all messed up and so I went completely healthy and went on a Whole-30 diet, got a nutritionist. I was super-inflamed." 

For Scheffler, it seems like there is no danger of him joining up with Johnson in the LIV Golf anytime soon. 

He said before the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup Playoffs last season:

"For me, I feel like the PGA Tour is the best place to play. My dream was to play on the PGA Tour. My dream was never to maximize my financial benefits. I feel very blessed and fortunate to play golf and get paid for it, so for me, I'm not looking to go out and do anything else."

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