2013's three most expensive putters

Here are some of the most expensive putters in the world right now...

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Fri, 26 Jul 2013
2013's three most expensive putters
Gleefs GS98 A

Brand: Gleefs
Putter: GS98 A
Design: Blade
Price: From £1,500 to £120,000
Loft: 3.5-degree
Lie: 72-degree
Head Weight: 350g
Website: Gleefs

The golden head of the Gleefs putter is designed to improve the linearity of the ball with advanced engineering technology.

Gleefs says its putter expresses strong energy of a dragon ascending into heaven through head body embodying clouds. Through a dragon symbolizing the Emperor, it indicates self-confidence and dignity of a winner.

This custom made putter can be made up of 18K Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ruby (Birthstone is available). The phrase, pattern, and name which are good for the purchaser's business and health can be carved or engraved.

This putter comes with a case in the traditional style of lacquer used in the oriental royal court furnitures. The grip is made of wild sturgeon leather.