Cheapest putters 2013

Three Dunlop putters currently on the market for

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Fri, 26 Jul 2013
Cheapest putters 2013
Dunlop NZ9 #1

Brand: Dunlop 
Putter: NZ9 #1
Design: Heel and toe
Best price: £16.99
Loft: 3-degree
Lie: 72-degree
Head Weight: 360g

The Dunlop NZ9 #1 putter is constructed from stainless steel for a premium feel, featuring a double-milled face, creating a top spin and perfectly flat sweet spot for a true and accurate roll.

Fitted with Gecko-Tac grip, the NZ9 #1 ensures a secure hold, creating a bond between glove and grip for improved control and accuracy.