Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang Putter Review

The Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang putter will leave your rivals in the dust.

Improved roll off the face with new oval design; iconic White Hot feel; superb alignment; great distance control and accuracy from long range; good value for money

If you are looking to start killing off your playing partners, look no further than the new Odyssey V-Line Fang putter. 

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In this finicky game of ours, there are putters and there are putters. For us, and no doubt many of you, Odyssey always falls into an elite category when the subject of putting comes to the fore. 

Odyssey never fails to disappoint when launching a new putter range. With a plethora of Tour-proven models at its disposal, you can be guaranteed of confidence-inspiring styles, true roll off the face and a feel that is rivalled by few from the putter leaders. And the story is no different in 2016. 

Taking its legendary White Hot insert that has set the standard in feel for more than 15 years to the next level, Odyssey is pushing the boundaries with the introduction of White Hot RX. 

The putter specialist has combined its new range with a dual layer injected molded insert that has a softer core that Odyssey claims generates "the ultimate in speed and feel."

Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang putter - Looks and Feel

Priding itself on Tour-proven shapes, it's no surprise to see Odyssey rolling out its popular #1, #7 and 2-Ball models once again in its 2016 range.

However, the exciting new V-Line Fang version, which has proven popular in Japan in recent years, represents a new addition to the Europe market - and we absolutely adore it.

The V-Line Fang putter combines technologies and shaping of the #7 model but comprises the popular V-Line mallet for improved alignment and accuracy. 

Ripping the neat headcover off and placing the head down behind the ball, we instantly appreciated the understated white dots in the middle of the two black lines on the dual alignment channels. 

Not only does it feature perimeter-weighted fangs, as the name suggests, to better aid the headweight and balance, but it also comprises a glistening new White Hot insert to improve the feel as we have already mentioned, and a double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset that will likely appeal to everyone looking to improve their stroke. 

As far as appearance goes for the mallet fan, this one ticks all the boxes from the get go. 

Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang putter - Performance and Forgiveness

When something is already so efficient in its design, it can sometimes be difficult to rave about any dramatic improvements, but we are screaming from the rooftops when it comes to the new White Hot RX insert. 

The oval design as found on the company's Metal-X and Odyssey Works models is back for more, but this time around features the soft, mushy White Hot feel that players around the world have come to appreciate.

You effectively have improved roll off the face, with iconic White Hot feel - can you really ask for any more? 

We found the clear coat to the face of this putter increased the friction and helped get the ball chugging along quicker and truer to the hole than many other insert putters we have tested of late.

Short putts from inside of six feet were going down more often than not, with 15 out of 20 balls seeing the dark. 

Distance control and accuracy from long range was also markedly improved, with 10 out of 20 balls holed from 15 feet, and six out of 20 holed from 30 feet, of which the errant 14 all finished within a 3-foot circle around the cup. 

Feel is accentuated with the addition of a popular SuperStroke grip (£149), something we continue to favour as it encourages more of a rocking motion with the shoulders and takes much of the wrist out of the stroke, especially when adopting the ever-increasing claw grip

Standard Odyssey rubber grips are also available (£129) for players who have likely yet to encounter the 'yips'. 

Should you buy the Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang putter?

Leave your rivals for dead with the new Odyssey V-Line Fang. The mallet design oozes class and the White Hot RX insert will keep you coming back for more. You will likely not want to put this one down. Maybe ever. 

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