Pro V1x (2013)

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 8 Jul 2013

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Better paint coverage and cover formulation; Higher launching and slightly longer off the tee than the Pro V1
Hard to think of one other than price
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PRICE: £51.00 YEAR: from 2013

Like the original Pro V1x, the 2013 version is a 4-piece ball with an inner and outer core. Having two cores allows designers to more precisely dial in spin on long clubs.

The new Pro V1x has the same 328-dimple pattern as the previous model, but the new cover formulation and better paint coverage gives it a more penetrating flight.

It oozes class, like the Pro V1, but this time with a black logo and red numbering. The new grey colouring on the side of the ball is also pleasing to the eye, replacing the previous black-and-white design.

Even though the Pro V1x’s firmer compression makes it feel harder than the Pro V1, I found its performance is essentially identical to the softer feeling Pro V1 with the wedges.

While this will no doubt vary across the board, my recent ball test proves there is even greater spin to be had with the Pro V1x from around the 100-yard mark. I also find the Pro V1x is easy to gauge distance with off the putter face.

Because of the Pro V1x’s dual-core construction, it’s a lower-spinning golf ball off the tee that I found was the slightly longer of the two Pro V1 balls. The different dimple pattern and construction also makes it a higher launching golf ball than Pro V1.


Of the two Pro V1s, I'm more enamored with the Pro V1x. It's slightly longer and spins less off the tee thanks to the ball's dual-core construction, while at the same time being soft and buttery with the wedge and easy to control with the blade.

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