DX2 Soft

Combine the possible length of a distance ball with the softness preferred by most golfers around the greens. Here's the result - the Dx2 Soft - the softest distance ball on the market. This is the Holy Grail of golf ball design.

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Charlie Lemay
Sat, 24 Oct 2009
DX2 Soft
Super-soft feel allowing player to impart spin. Average distance.

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good spin, nice feel, cheap
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PRICE: £20.00 YEAR: from 2013

The re-designed 2-piece Wilson Staff DX2 Soft is now the softest distance ball on the market. This 40 Compression ball, the lowest of any ball available to golfers in the UK, has become one of the most popular golf balls played by regular players over the last five years. Take the Dx2 Soft challenge and reap the benefits of distance off the tee and softness around the green.

Wilson Staff are known for releasing high-quality product at a reasonable cost and they've done the same with the DX2. 

A high ball flight aids the higher capper but the soft shell allows the golfer to impart a good amount on spin on the ball which will please single-digit players. Whatever your handicap you will love the price tag!

We got average distances with this. Nothing to write home about but that's to be expected when you choose soft ball over a harder one, and in comparison to other soft balls it flew further with driver and irons.

It delivers a nice penetrating ball flight and lands softly.  During winter months, Wilson Staff are the balls I reach for and I never feel let down. The only issue is the shell does cut relatively easily.


A great ball at a great price. Great feel due to the soft shell and core which also allows you to impart lots of spin. Average distances but penetrating ball flight.

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