Benross Max Speed driver

A game-improvement club, the Benross Max Speed driver is a great choice for beginners.

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Charlie Lemay
Fri, 11 Oct 2013
Benross Max Speed driver

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Hard to work, makes an unattractive sound
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2013

The Benross Max Speed is a true game improvement driver for players who need a good deal of help off the tee.

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The Max speed has a different look to the rest of the Speed range from Benross as it is drastically flatter. However, like the RIP Speed and the Hot Speed it has a matt black finish and an arrow as an alignment aid and also has the chunky writing on the bottom with the same design.

It’s fitted with a RIP Sigma shaft which has a low kick point to help users get the ball in the air quickly and this is compounded by the fact it is 14 degrees – no one should be struggling to give their ball some airtime with this.

As you’d expect I lost a fair amount of distance with the Max Speed – around 20 yards on average. But this club is designed for forgiveness and that’s exactly what’s on offer. Hit it off the toe or heel and you’re still going to get a good deal of distance and it won’t spray too much.

It’s one of those drivers that makes it feel impossible to really miss one and go out of bounds. I had full confidence when addressing the ball that, although it wasn’t going to fly miles, I would be in the fairway and in a good position for my next shot. It has a big draw bias so that ugly fade you have nighmares about will hopefully go MIA.

Manoeuvrability is poor and it does make a rather unattractive sound when you hit it but this is expected from a game improvement driver.

Should you buy the Benross Max Speed driver?

For a beginner the Max Speed is a great driver. It’s forgiving and gives good yardage from poor shots.

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