Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test

With the new X-14 Pro Series irons due for release in January, Callaway are onto yet another winner...

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Martin Park
Fri, 8 Dec 2000
Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test

For the better players among us, Callaway irons have never been synonymous with producing irons for the player who likes to work the ball. But when they launched their X-12 Pro Series Irons two years ago, after some considerable success on the world tours, they managed to appease a niche market of single figure handicaps, along with the professionals convincing them that Callaway make top class irons as well as woods.

Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test
The sleek looking X-14 pro Series irons
Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test

While the all-new Steelhead X-14 irons have superseded the X-12's, Callaway have kept close to their chest the Pro Series version of the X-14's…until now.

Due for launch in the UK in January next year, the Steelhead X-14 Pro series irons are perhaps the best looking of all of the Callaway irons. And they come with technology to match, as you would expect from the company who revolutionised the driver and fairway wood markets.

The Steelhead X-14 Pro Series irons have a reduced offset hosel that will appeal to the better player and provide them with more workability of their shots. The centre of gravity has been moved towards the heel of the club which in turn will help with better playability.

Add to that a thinner top line, a higher toe and a shorter blade length and the new VFT or Variable Face Thickness technology as used in their new ERC II driver and Hawk Eye woods, Callaway have managed to produce a club that is not only classic looking at address, but also very forgiving, thanks to this new technology.

Also, one of the areas that they have improved on most is in the wedges. Gone are the "shovels" of the past, instead, they are replaced by a set of six wedges designed by no lesser person the Roger Cleveland of Cleveland wedge fame.

Cleveland Wedges are the number One wedges in the world and it comes as no surprise that the new X-14 Callaway wedges are similar in design with the classic teardrop appearance and huge short game playability.

Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test
These will help your short game! X-14 pro series wedges
Callaway X-14 Pro Series on test

The wedges have specially modified groove boxes for more spin and control from 120 yards and closer.

The X-14 Pro Series irons are available from 1-9-iron with a range of six wedges from 48 degrees right through to the 60 degree Lob wedge.

In a brief test of the clubs, it was plain to see that these clubs are seriously powerful, much like the old X-12 pro series. The ball flight is strong to medium and the spin generated by them is pretty outstanding to say the least!

They sit like an old fashioned blade, they feel pretty good for a cast club and without a doubt, they are at least a club longer than my previous set of clubs, which always helps!

They come standard with Constant weight rifle shafts from Brunswick and the RRP is £849 for 3-PW with each additional wedge costing £95.

For further information on these new irons, click on the Callaway website.

Alternatively, call the Callaway Europe HQ in Chessington to find out where your nearest stockist is on 0208 391 0111