Adjustable golf drivers 2013

Here's a look at all the adjustable drivers on the market this season

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Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Adjustable golf drivers 2013

Brand: TaylorMade
Driver: R1
Best price: £240
Lofts: One adjustable head, 8- to 12-degree
Lie: 61-degree Length: 45.5”
Shaft: Aldila RIP Phenom 55 Grip: TM 360

The hosel has 12 settings for altering loft, the rotating soleplate features seven face-angle positions and the movable sole weights allow you to change ball flight by 20 yards side to side. The crown's graphics are designed to aid alignment.

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Brand: TaylorMade
Driver: RBZ Stage 2
Best price: £150
Lofts: 9.5- and 10-5-degree
Lie: 61-degree Length: 46”
Shaft: Fuji RocketFuel 50 Grip: FCT Lite .620

To help increase ball speed, the original RocketBallz of 2012 has been re-engineered. RBZ Stage 2 features a very thin crown to help push the centre of gravity low and forward, and the shaft weighs just 50 grams. The hosel has 12 adjustable settings that can alter the loft angle by 1.5-degree.

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Brand: Titleist
Driver: 913D2/913D3
Best price: £240
Lofts: 7.5-, 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-, 12-degree for D2; 7.5-, 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-degree for D3 
Lie: 58.5-degree Length: 45”
Shaft: Aldila RIP Phenom 70, Diamana D+ White 72, Diamana S+ Blue 62 Grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360

Titleist's second-generation, 16-way adjustable driver gets an upgrade with a thinner, lighter forged face insert to increase ball speed. The D2 is larger than the D3 and produces less spin than the previous 910D2. The more compact D3 features a slightly forward CG for easier workability. 

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Brand: Adams Golf
Speedline Super S
Best price: £170
One adjustable head (9.5- to 11.5-degree)
59.5-degree Length: 46”
Matrix Radix S 50 Grip: Adams Tour Elite

The sole's heel-to-toe slot is designed to improve the flexibility of the lower part of the face. The eight settings adjust from open face angles on the 9.5-degree to closed face angles on the 11.5-degree, as well as flatter lie angles on most lofts. The crown curvature enhances aerodynamics, and a reduced rear skirt helps lower the CG. 

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Brand: PING
Driver: G25
Best price: £240
Lofts: 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-, 12-degree
Lie: 58-degree Length: 45.75”
Shaft: TFC 189D Grip: 360 ID8

The sixth generation in PING's G series of drivers is the first to go adjustable. Each loft can be tweaked half a degree up or down. The G25 also features a larger face and thinner crown than last year's G20, and it has the highest MOI and lowest CG of any current PING driver. Pear-shaped clubface and charcoal non-glare finish. 

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Brand: PING
Driver: Anser
Best price: £260
Lofts: 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-, 12-degree
Lie: 58.5-degree Length: 45.25”
Shaft: TFC 800D Grip: 360 ID8

Each loft features a slim adjustable hosel that alters the loft by plus or minus half a degree, and the company offers four shaft options as standard to accommodate four types of feel and four ball-flight effects. 

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Brand: Callaway
Driver: RAZR Fit Xtreme
Best price: £290
Lofts: 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-, 11.5- and 13.5-degree
Lie: 58.5-degree Length: 45.5”
Shaft: Aldila Trinity Grip: Callaway

Callaway's second-generation adjustable driver offers different playing characteristics with each loft. The purpose is to better address the performance needs of players who typically use those lofts. For example, the higher the loft, the larger the head and the more draw bias the clubhead has. Each driver loft also features two movable weights and a hosel with three face-angle settings. 

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Brand: Callaway
Driver: X Hot/X Hot Pro
Best price: £220
Lofts: 9.5-, 10.5-, 11.5-, 13.5 for X Hot; 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5-degree for X Hot Pro
Lie: 58.5-degree Length: 46”
Shaft: Project X Velocity 58 Grip: Callaway

Callaway's X Hot line features a three-way adjustable hosel. Like the RAZR Fit Xtreme, every loft is designed to accommodate specific players. For instance, each one has a different bulge radius and draw bias based on the impact pattern of golfers most likely to play that version. The X Hot Pro's open face angles are what better players want. 

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Brand: Callaway
Driver: FT OptiForce
Best price: £329
Lofts: 9.5- and 10.5-degree
Lie: 58.5-degree Length: 46”
Shaft: Project X Velocity 53 Grip: Callaway

Like the X Hot driver, the brand new FT Optiforce - launched several weeks ago - features adjustability thanks to Callaway's OptiFit hosel. However, the hosel has been upgraded for the Optiforce. The Advanced OptiFit Technology lets the golfer adjust the loft of the driver from standard to -1°, or +1° or +2°, providing four loft settings. Add to that two lie settings, Neutral and Draw, and you're left with eight different settings to find the best ball flight for your swing.

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Brand: Cobra
Driver: AMP Cell/AMP Cell Pro
Best price: £230
Lofts: One adjustable head, 8.5- to 11.5-degree for AMP Cell;  7.5- to 10.5-degree for AMP Cell Pro
Lie: 58-degree Length: 45.75”
Shaft: Fujikura Fuel 60 Grip: Lamkin REL 3GEN 360

The AMP Cell adjusts to six lofts (neutral to draw bias in the standard model and neutral to fade bias in the Pro version). There are also four color choices of blue, orange, red and silver. A reduced contact area on the sole keeps the face angle square on every adjustable setting. 

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Brand: Nike
Driver: VR_S Covert/VR_S Covert Tour
Best price: £200
Lofts: One adjustable head, 8.5- to 12.5-degree
Lie: 58.5-degree; 57.5-degree for Tour Length: 45.75”
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50; 60 for Tour Grip: Nike Tour Velvet 360

The dual-axis hosel allows the loft and face angle to be adjusted independently. Each loft setting features three face-angle positions. To preserve the club's compact size, designers took weight from the sole and moved it to the heel and toe to increase the moment of inertia, which means more stability on off-centre hits. 

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Brand: Cleveland
Driver: Classic Custom XL
Best price: £200
Lofts:  7.5-, 9-, 10.5-degree
Lie: 61.5-degree Length: 45”
Shaft: Miyazaki JDL 6, Miyazaki JDL 6, Fubuki Tour 53, Matrix Ozik Black Tie 6M3 Grip: Lamkin

The hosel on Cleveland's first adjustable driver rotates to one of 12 settings that change the face angle by as much as 2.25-degree closed or open and alter loft by 1.5-degree up or down. The large face features a new variable-thickness design to improve off-centre hits.

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