Cobra KING FORGED TOUR iron review

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Tue, 11 Oct 2016
Cobra KING FORGED TOUR iron review

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Soft feel, forgiving for players iron, precise
Chunkier than a traditional players iron
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PRICE: £749.00 YEAR: from 2016

In the Cobra KING FORGED MB- still in the bag of Rickie Fowler – the brand had one of the sexiest player irons on the market last year, while also offering some excellent performance.

For 2017, Cobra brings a slightly more robust wrench to market with a very different aesthetic.


Gone is the all-black colour palette, with chrome taking its place. It looks like a slightly chunky players iron – certainly not in the blade category. It has a thicker top line and sole than most.

While traditional blade players may find it on the chunky side, most will love the sleek, premium feel. Overall it has an understated, classy atmosphere.


Buttery smooth – like all good irons should be. The five-step forging process produces this superb feel, thanks to an improved grain structure.

A Thermoplastic Polyurethane insert behind the hitting zone is designed to dampen vibrations, and it seems to be doing the job.

Cobra KING FORGED TOUR iron review


For a players iron, there is a decent amount of forgiveness on offer. Scratch players still miss the middle on occasion, and the tungsten heel-toe weighting system ensures they will stll get good purchase on those poor strikes.

When hit from the middle, the ball fizzes off the face, and we were getting it out there, especially with the mid irons.

Usually, when you add forgiveness, precision and shot shaping suffers, but Cobra have done a commendable job in these stakes also.

We were seriously impressed with the consistent yardages provided, and felt comfortable manipulating ball flight and shot shape.

CG was moved directly behind the sweet spot by designers, providing a dialled in feel for golfers.

Spin rates were comparable to the other leading irons on the market. CNC milled grooves are employed on these irons, for maximum spin and trajectory control.


The Cobra KING FORGED TOUR offers the precision and shot shaping ability of a players iron with forgiveness thrown into the mix.

A sleek aesthetic and stunning soft feel will have low handicappers purring.

Head ot the Cobra website for more. 

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