Counterfeit Campaign: More fake equipment seized in Shanghai

Brands claim it is another battle won in the fake clubs war

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Bob Warters
Fri, 15 Jun 2012
Counterfeit Campaign: More fake equipment seized in Shanghai

Golfmagic is leading a campaign to 'Drive the Counterfeits out of Golf' and help the major brands, police and trading standards to eradicate fake equipment.

In a series of features we aim to give manufacturers the chance to join our campaign by telling us what efforts they are making to protect their brands, track down those who bring fake goods on to the market and bring them to justice.

This time, some more good news...

In two co-ordinated raids in Shanghai, more than 7,500 fake golf clubs have been seized, taking the total to more than 110,000 counterfeits in the last 18 months.

The Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group announced the seizures, which were made possible, in part, by information gathered from prior raids carried out by Chinese law enforcement.

In April, members of the Shanghai Public Safety Bureau (PSB) concluded a month-long investigation with simultaneous raids against two suspected counterfeit operations in Shanghai City. Three suspects, Xue Yan, Zhai Qiang and He Tieqi, were all arrested for their roles in the counterfeiting of thousands of clubs and products.

The investigation of their illegal activities began after key details were discovered during a February raid and the subsequent arrest of Zhang Qun. The most recent raids garnered nearly 4,000 pieces of finished or semi-finished golf clubs, while the remaining merchandise included balls, bags and clothing.

“These actions would not  be possible without the help of the Chinese authorities and their
continued investigations into these issues,” said Don Reino, vice president of legal
operations for Cleveland Golf.

“Their support in pursuit of these criminal activities helps send a stronger message to the counterfeiters.”

“Fighting counterfeit clubs is a long war, but we're trying to take it one battle at a time,” said Acushnet's Joe Nauman, representing FootJoy, Titleist and Scotty Cameron brands. “The counterfeiting of clubs is a global issue but raids often generate new information that leads to future arrests and protects the future of the game.”

The GACG represents leading brands including Callaway-Odyssey, TaylorMade-adidas and Ashworth, PING, Cleveland Golf, Srixon and Never Compromise and Acushnet. Since 2004 it has worked with international law enforcement and government agencies to conduct raids and investigations of counterfeit operations, as well as raise public awareness of the issue.


If it seems too good to be true - it most probably is. If you've had an experience with fake golf equipment, let us know in the forum below, via @Golfmagic or on our Facebook page.

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