Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

Forged Composite crown; adjustabile OptiFit hosel; streamlined surface technology; speed frame face technology


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Callaway has made their feelings well and truly known about the RAZR Fit driver in 2012, especially given the amount of times we’ve seen it during Sky Sports coverage recently.

But it’s certainly worth all the hype.

Callaway has been using adjustable weight since 1999 but they were pre-fitted. The RAZR Fit, as its name suggests, provides you with your very own custom fitting process with its new adjustable OptiFit hosel.

The RAZR Fit is an updated version of the RAZR Hawk. The driver’s 455cc head doesn’t just look lovely at address but is 27% more aerodynamic than its predecessor, which equates to an additional 1.3 mph clubhead speed. That might not sound much, but it probably equates to half a club less into the green.

One of the main features of the driver, however, is its Forged Composite top, which allows you to save plenty of weight as you reposition it into areas that are more performance effective. By that, I mean into the heel and toe, depending on your desired shot shape.

The RAZR Fit utilises 2g and 12g weights, which can be flipped to promote either a draw or neutral ball flight. You can also adjust loft and face angle by setting the club open, closed or neutral.

After messing around with a few shots on the range with an Allen key, I favoured the face at neutral as I felt it sat nicer on the turf. This also presented me with a slight draw bias, but on the whole, shots were flying straight with very little spin.

If you fancy setting the face open, you will notice the angle changes by 2.5-degrees and loft decreases by 1-degree. If you prefer it closed, it will shut the face by 1.5 degree and generate an extra degree of loft, making it much easier to hit.

I also liked the fact the Aldila RIP’d NV shaft doesn’t rotate when you adjust the face angle and it keeps the grip in the right setting.


The shaft and head combination means those with faster swing speeds, like myself, reap the benefits of the RAZR Fit design. Adjustability is simple and driver sounds, looks and feels great with consistently high launch angles.

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