CG Black

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Charlie Lemay
Fri, 21 Jun 2013
CG Black
Long driver but too light for me meaning I didn't feel in control of the club. Easy to work.

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Great distance, good-looking
Too light
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PRICE: £329.00 YEAR: from 2012

With a sleek and striking look, the CG Black driver weighs only 265 grams to help players generate measurable increases in swing speed and distance with the same swing effort. The advanced aerodynamics found in the driver's Speed Crown Design – an innovative, teardrop-inspired crown profile – maximize distance by reducing drag at all angles of airflow during the swing.

An elegant all-black driver with understated small white grooves on the face. Cleveland have gone with a classic head shape which is slightly tear-shaped. Some may find it a little bland but I think it looks great.

At only 265 grams, the CG Black is very light which won’t suit everyone. For me, it was too light and I didn’t feel in control of my swing. That said, I was hitting the ball long and balls were going straight. I was also able to work the ball easily left and right.

The feel was quite hard and the light head gave it a kind of hollow feeling. The feedback I received was good although I found myself swinging faster and faster due to the weight.


Long driver but too light for me meaning I didn’t feel in control of the club. Easy to work. 

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