Sasquatch Dymo2 STR-8 FIT

Joins a growing band of drivers that can be adjusted to suit the golfer's preference. in terms of the shape of shot and its trajectory, the SQ Dymo 2 STR-8 FIT offers the chance to adjust the face angle in what it calls 'eight different ways to hit it straight'. This if the square-headed version with high MOI.

The SQ Dymo 2 STR-8 FIT is available with three shaft options - the Nike Golf UST Proforce AXIV Core in 59, 69 and 79gram weights. Loft options are: Men's 8.5 (right-hand only), 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 (RH/LH) and High Launch (RH only) and Women's 11.5 (RH/LH) and HL (RH).