Duca Del Cosma Break-Up

A review of our favourite premium golf shoes for sale in 2013

Duca Del Cosma Break-Up

Brand: Duca Del Cosma
Shoe: Break-Up
Type: Cleated
Weight: 12.8 oz
RRP: £139
Best Price: £115
Website: www.ducadelcosma.com

Duca del Cosma might be a new name to many of you but it's a fast-growing German brand that styles itself on bringing a breath of fresh air to golf courses all over the world.

One of its flagship shoes, the cleated Break-Up features a soft, waterproof calfskin leather PU material and Hybrid ProTraction Outsole.

The shoe is a technical three-component sole with TPU mixtures from high-quality granules of special shore hardness, shock absorption and abrasion characteristics.

It also comes with 1 to 5mm traction nubs for added stability. Fast Twist Trisport soft spikes and street caps with 3-click system enable easy mounting.


If truth be told, I thought I'd picked up my brother's school shoe when I picked these out the box, but I take nothing away from this German brand who have designed a simple, yet very stable and comfortable golf shoe. I do like the rather eye-catching spikes undeneath and that only aids terrific stability from all lies.

Too expensive in my book at £140 when you consider what else is out there this year.

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