Dunlop reveal a cracker!

Dunlop make headway back into the golf ball market with a cracking new addition, the Total Performance

Dunlop reveal a cracker!

While the name Dunlop may ring plenty of bells with you tennis players and for those of us who started the game a few years ago using the famous Dunlop 65 ball, later to be added with the dramatic 'Go Faster' tag of…'i', then you will be pleased to learn that Dunlop are bringing out a new ball…and in all honesty, no matter what handicap or budget you have, this ball is totally general purpose and is a vast improvement on anything they have done before.

The new "Total Performance" ball from Dunlop has been getting the full treatment from me recently and I can honestly say, there is bugger all wrong with it…apart from the name!

Dunlop reveal a cracker!
Dunlop reveal a cracker!
The new Dunlop Total Performance ball…it's great!
Dunlop reveal a cracker!

While it does "exactly what it says on the tin", or ten ball sleeve to be exact, the name Dunlop will strike fear into the hearts of those kudos seeking hackers who, unless it has cost them a fortune and has A.N.Other's high brow name tag on it, they wouldn't be seen dead with something that said "Dunlop".

I played in a club event recently and announced my ball on the first tee, everyone stopped, looked at me as if I was mad and said…"Good luck with your new ball…you'll need it!"

Such sarcastic comments are always treated with contempt, and when I ripped my brand new Dunlop about 80 yards past my opponents pathetic effort, my case was utterly rested!

And to add some serious insult to his injured pride, each time I found the green, I had to repair my pitch-mark which was at the very least three feet behind the ball, proving that this "Dunlop" can spin like any other high performance ball.

But the piéce de resistance has to be when I showed the grooves on my sand wedge with half of the balls cover in it!

OK, It might not be as durable as say a Titleist Professional or the Callaway Rule 35, but for the price, a paltry £12.99 for a ten ball pack, you just cannot go wrong!

I mean, lake balls cost more than that in some shops!.

What Dunlop are beginning to do is make an entry back into the golf scene. The company has an extensive history behind it, having won many titles since 1907 when it originally entered the sports business.

Next year, Dunlop hope to sign two major names on the Mens tour to promote the new Total Performance ball, giving it some tour credibility, which has been a long time coming.

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