Ernie signs on with Stable 26

Els is the newest supporter for Stable 26 sock technology

Ernie signs on with Stable 26

KNOWN as “The Big Easy” for his stance and smooth swing, South African professional golfer Ernie Els is no stranger to success. Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2011 and the South African Golf Hall of Fame in 2009, Els knows the value of comfort and stability on the green.

Specialty sock company, Stable 26, is proud to announce the four-time major champion as their newest supporter.

“As a professional golfer I would say I take over a million steps a year in competitive play, so it’s impossible to over-estimate the importance of your feet being comfortable and well supported,” said Els, who this year signed a new manufacture deal with Adams Golf.

“That’s why I choose Stable 26 socks. The in-built silicone pads provide extra padding where you need it most. Together with my ECCO golf shoes they help give my swing a secure foundation and ensure maximum comfort and support, literally every step of the way.”

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Founded by chiropractor Daryl Sherman, Stable 26 golf socks are designed to bridge the gap between athletes and their equipment.

The contoured elastic arch support and a hand-linked seamless toe to reduce friction, Stable 26 technology eliminates negative space between a golfer's foot and his footgear, allowing for increased comfort, fit, and stability.

The name – and founding philosophy – behind Stable 26 has its roots in the anatomy of the human foot. Housing 26 structural support bones, the foot is subject to countless injuries – especially for professional athletes.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Daryl Sherman understands how injuries come about, and the importance of wearing quality footgear to reduce foot trauma.

Having worked with countless professional athletes throughout the course of his career, Sherman created Stable 26 to bridge the gap between athletes and their equipment, allowing for better fit, which leads to stronger stability and comfort. In short, Stable 26 allows athletes to put their best performance-enhanced foot forward.

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