BIOM Hybrid

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 15 Aug 2013
BIOM Hybrid

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Comfy, stylish, versatile. Grey/Lime design pairs nicely with dark trousers.
Hard to fault
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PRICE: £160.00 YEAR: from 2013

Combining patented ECCO Natural Motion Golf Street outsole technologies, the BIOM Hybrid pairs the body’s system for absorbing impact with a non-cleated shoe bottom that provides superior durability, comfort, traction and stability on or off the golf course.

“With no exaggeration, BIOM Hybrid presents a footwear experience that’s unlike anything else the walking golfer has ever experienced,” says ECCO’s head of global golf Michael Waack. “The difference is huge and immediately noticeable, which is why this style has been such a massive global success.”

Initially developed for the premium running market, Natural Motion technology relies on a completely anatomical last developed by scanning the feet of 2,500 athletes.

It also provides exceptional insole support and encourages players to land more toward the mid-foot than heel. It also features naturally soft, smooth and breathable Tibetan Yak leather uppers that treated with Hydromax ensure superior durability and weather resistance.


I like the colour contrast of the spikeless BIOM Hybrid in grey and lime design. It's an incredibly comfy and stylish golf shoe that is particularly versatile.

It pairs beautifully with a set of black trousers. A little expensive and at the very top end of the footwear market in price but it's easy to see why this shoe is a best seller in the ECCO collection.

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