Comfortable golf shoes from one of the most stylish brands around.

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Mon, 4 Mar 2019

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modern style, comfortable, premium leather
some people won't like feeling close to the ground
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PRICE: £159.00 YEAR: from 2019

When it comes to golf shoes, there are a number of different styles out there to choose from. From classic designs, trainer styles and the modern on-and-off course look, there is something for everyone. G/FORE are proving to be a brand that produces stylish shoes for the modern golfer, that not only look great, but perform when it counts.

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The G/FORE DISRUPTOR shoes combine modern street fashion that young golfers crave, with ultimate comfort and support to optimise your stance during play.
They're made from waterproof pebble full grain leather and are very lightweight. I especially like the slim design of the DISRUPTOR, as a lot of golf shoes can end up being a little too chunky.
The DISRUPTOR's are very comfortable and feel firm around the feet without any rubbing. The heel is a little flatter than a lot of golf shoes, due to the street design of the shoe, which made me think they would feel odd when addressing the ball, but that wasn't the case at all. If anything, you feel a little closer to the ground which I found benefitted me during my swing.
I'm a big fan of the style of the G/FORE DISRUPTOR shoes, as a golfer in my early twenties I prefer the modern street style that many brands have started producing and G/FORE are one of the leading brands in my opinion when it comes to producing fashionable but performing golf shoes. The colour scheme is also very attractive and standout for someone who wants a fashionable shoe.
As someone who tends to wear spiked shoes I wasn't sure how good the traction of the DISRUPTOR shoes would be. The DISRUPTOR's use spiked nubs, something that is becoming quite popular now, and the traction of the shoes very good, even in wet weather.


Personally, I think G/FORE are continuing to prove that they are one of the most fashionable brands in golf. The G/FORE DISRUPTOR shoes are an excellent option for someone who wants to look good on the golf course, but have all the support they'd expect from a premium golf shoe.

For more information visit: gfore.co.uk

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