Lightweight with a robust aluminium frame, combined with a 20AH Lead Acid Battery, 200W motor and gear box. Versatile bag grip and easy to fold mechanism.

Bob Warters
Thu, 17 Jun 2010

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Whisper quiet, robust and easy to control
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PRICE: £399.00 YEAR: from 2010

As technology related to golf becomes more sophisticated so do powered trollies. No longer are they the clumsy hod-carries of the sport. A perfect example is this new Powakaddy Touch - steamlined, robust and smart, too - as it's about to prove to golfers looking for the latest product in this fastest-growing section of the industry. 

Already the best-known electric trolley brand, PowaKaddy has stepped up its leadership with this innovative model, which automatically changes pace when you change yours.

There's no chasing after it if you set the wrong speed or having to dawdle when you can't find the right button to accelerate the power supply, the Touch relies on an intuitive but simple mechanism.

It does not use the traditional roller to set its speed.  Instead the handle is touch sensitive and slides forwards and backwards. Rest your hand on the handle, start walking and the trolley responds to your speed. As you slow, so will the Powakaddy Touch; release your hand and it maintains that speed. Pull the handle right back to stop the trolley.

Lightweight but with a robust aluminium frame, it combines a 20AH Lead Acid battery with a whisper-quiet 200W motor and efficient gearbox to deliver smooth, gradual power. A soft-touch grip allows for control with either hand and a versatile grip keeps the bag stable. Simple to fold, it stands upright to make it easy to lift and stow for transit.

Says PowaKaddy's Terry Hale "Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest and with the Touch, the golfer merely has to Touch ‘n’ Go. It's a big step forward for us in terms of product performance and we're very confident it will be well received."

Golfmagic's Michael Smyth, who attended the launch earlier this year and says: "What was evident to me when I used the trolley around the undulating Bearwood Lakes course was that it is one of the most natural electric golf trolleys on the market.

"There are no buttons or speed controls to occupy the mind all you have to concentrate on is what matters most of all...your golf game!

"No pun intended, but if there's a quieter trolley in the market I've yet to hear it!  It was great on the hillier holes and the bag stayed firmly in place on whatever gradient."


"The lasting impression I have taken from my day with the PowaKaddy Touch," says Smyth "is that on approaching the 18th green I mentioned to one of my playing partners that I felt fresh enough to play another nine holes - a reflection on just how much work the trolley saved me. It's totally user-friendly, classy looking and still value for money."