GolfBuddy WT5 GPS watch review

GolfBuddy jazzes up its latest GPS watch

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Fri, 27 Mar 2015

GolfBuddy WT5 GPS watch review

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Name: GolfBuddy WT5 watch
Weight: 64 g
Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.2 x 1.3 cm (without wristband)
Touchscreen: No 
Battery life: Up to 35 days (watch mode), eight hours (GPS mode)
Course maps: Pre-loaded with over 37,000
Colours: Black/Blue, White/Orange
RRP: £160

Key features

  • Precise yardages - displays front, middle and back yardages of the green, wherever you are on the course
  • Dynamic green view and pin placement - the user can alter the yardages based on where the pin is located on the green
  • Digitial scorecard - allows you to keep track of scores
  • Shot tracking - find out far you really hit that drive
  • Auto-course and hole recognition - turn it on and head straight to the first tee

Ease of use

The GolfBuddy WT5 even beat us to the first tee. Within seconds of getting the clubs out the boot of the car and walking to the first tee and turning the watch on, we were logged in to our local course and ready to go.

While extremely similar to its brother - the WT4 - the new GolfBuddy WT5 offers a sportier design in fresher colour combinations, but we found it to be just as light and comfortable on the wrist. The numbering and shot data is also once again easy to read.

This time around there are three side buttons to the right and an on/off button on the left, which makes it even easier to operate the user-friendly menu, which is exactly the same as the WT4. 

Best features

The main feature of the GolfBuddy WT5 is the precise yardages to the front, middle and back of the green from the golfer's angle of approach. All the information is there at the glance of a wrist. 

It also allows you to scroll through the hazards by pressing the bottom right button, to make sure you stay safe of the water and the beach. 

Another neat feature is the "Shot Tracking" tool, which allows you to impress your playing partners when they ask how far your drive "really" went. Once hitting your impressive drive, simply enter the shot tracking mode by holding the upper right button until the icon appears. When you get to your ball, press the same button again. 

The "Pin Placement" tool is most helpful if you have been given a pin sheet before the start of your round, but nevertheless, this feature allows you to dial in the yardage exactly to the flag. 


Charging up the device is a little fiddly to start with, but once up and running for the first time, you will quickly get used to it. 

To charge the WT5, insert the device into the charging dock and align the charger post with the four buttons on the side of the unit and tilt it so the right side goes in first. Press it in and wait until it clicks. The battery indicator will then display and it will tell you when it is fully charged.

The WT5 comes complete with a rechargeable battery and provides eight hours of battery life in full GPS mode and 35 days in watch mode - which is slightly less than the WT4. 


As clear, precise, stylish, comfortable and easy to use as the GolfBuddy WT4, the sportier WT5 represents one of the hottest GPS watches we have ever tested - and for that reason, it receives one of our gold awards. 

The WT5 does everything you could possibly ask for from a GPS watch with accurate front, middle and back yardages of the green, but most importantly from the golfer's angle of approach - which is not always the case with other devices. 

It also acts similar to a more expensive handheld device with its "Dynamic Green View" and "Pin Placement" features that allow the user to dial in their yardages with greater precision.

At £160 (£20 cheaper than the WT4), the GolfBuddy WT5, which can also be used effectively as a day-to-day watch, offers tremendous value for money. 

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