Bio Cell Hybrid

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Andy Roberts
Tue, 12 Aug 2014
Bio Cell Hybrid

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YEAR: from 2014

Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid comes equipped with MyFly8 with SmartPad Technology featuring eight loft options for simple adjustability to maximise distance and optimise yardage gaps.

A 17-4 Stainless Steel body supports a thin, shallow high strength steel face insert with a driver-like construction that creates more face flex and greater ball speeds to deliver exceptional distance.

Bio Cell and E9 Face Technology allow weight to be removed from the crown and face for a lower CG and higher MOI, increasing the sweet zone for maximum distance and forgiveness.


The Bio Cell Hybrid has a relatively traditional head shape and I liked the way it sat behind the ball. I tested this hybrid out in silver but the club comes in five different colours so you can pick the one that takes your fancy.

The silver is perhaps a little too shiny out in the sun but the glare isn't overwhelming enough to put you off the strike. The black face contrasts nicely with the coloured head and the Cobra sign as an alignment aid is a nice touch.


Bio Cell Hybrid generated a soft but rigid feel and that gave me maximum control of the ball. Good feedback on off-centre hits and the shaft isn't too heavy or too light. Sound will be more of a personal preference. I enjoyed a nice 'ting' sound at impact.


This is a high-launching hybrid and easy to get off the deck thanks to the E9 forged forged face. The redistribution of weight means that there is also a load of forgiveness on offer and I still got good purchase from shots that weren’t hit from the middle of the bat. Very forgiving club. It finished in the middle of the pack in terms of length. Enjoyed using the MyFly8 Technology on offer as it allowed me to change the loft of the club easily.


A solid hybrid that allows customisation of both colour and loft. High-launching and forgiving, the Bio Cell is a versatile club that can be struck well out of a variety of lies. Cobra won our hybrid test last year and although not this year, this hybrid is very much worthy of its high ranking in our test particularly given the £139 price tag.

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