Pro DHy

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Charlie Lemay
Mon, 16 Jun 2014
Pro DHy

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PRICE: £159.99 YEAR: from 2014

ADAMS GOLF likes to accommodate its customers, no matter their ability or swing, with easy-to-hit golf equipment, particularly the hybrids and fairway woods.

The new Pro DHy only strengthens those values and clearly emphasises the brand's new #OwnTheSecondShot motto with a driving hybrid that can be played from a variety of lies when it comes to that approach shot. 

The Pro DHy is for those golfers who crave some extra distance and added forgiveness provided by a hybrid but also want the shot-shaping control and workability of a long iron, whether that be a pin-seeker from the middle of the fairway, intermediate rough or even the deep stuff - providing you can see the ball that is.

Pro DHy was modeled on the highly successful Super DHy, which was one of the most popular clubs on Tour in 2013, so the bar was set incredibly high. Tour pros were consulted when the club was being designed at the end of 2013 to find out what they would want from a hybrid and it has clearly paid dividends.

This club essentially looks like a long iron that has an inflated clubhead and will definitely appeal to golfers who don’t like the size of a hybrid but want a club that sits behind the ball like a long iron. The sleek black appearance gives the club a classy look that will appeal to the masses.

Pro DHy, at RRP £160, will give you all the distance needed, too. Much like the Pro hybrid of last season, the DHy is incredibly long. It has a low, penetrating ball flight and the low spin rate means that you find a longer hybrid on the market.

The greatest attribute of this club, however, is its workability compared to a standard hybrid. Users can control the clubhead easily due to its relatively small size, allowing the golfer to easily work the ball in any direction they wish. I was personally able to work the ball as easily with the Pro DHy as I can with a 3 or 4-iron.

It’s also impressively forgiving even when compared to standard hybrids on the market today. I expected the club to have more forgiveness than an iron but I also thought it would be some way behind a standard hybrid.

Yes, the club doesn’t offer as much help as a hybrid but only slightly so. When I hit this off the toe, off the heel, fat or slightly thin it was still getting airborne and running out to a decent distance.


Long, forgiving and easy to work – it begs the question, why would anyone want to use a long iron? The Pro DHy ticks all the boxes and more.