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Andy Roberts
Mon, 3 Jun 2013
Superb forgiveness on off-centre hits and requires little effort to get the ball airborne

Need To Know

Pear-shaped clubhead and non-glare finish; Superb feel and performance; Easy launch
Price; Lack of an alignment aid
Our score:
PRICE: £170.00 YEAR: from 2013

The CG is more forward in the PING G25 20-degree hybrid to minimise spin. The squared-off low toe and heel provide more forgiveness on off-centre strikes. 

PING has moved away from the snub-nose look of its G15 and G20 in the new G25 hybrid. The pear-shaped clubhead and subtle graphics with PING logo stretching across the sole is beautiful, as too, the familiar charcoal non-glare finish which eliminates reflection and inspires confidence. I would have preferred a better alignment aid, however.

I received tremendous feel in the hands and again during the strike with an explosion-like thud through impact. The club is fuelled with an innovative TFC 189H shaft – a lightweight, high balance-point shaft developed specifically for the G25 – and that no doubt helped increase my clubhead speed.

Performance-wise, this is up there in the accuracy stakes.Consistently straight, average distance, desired mid-to-high launch and very little distance loss on off-centre strikes. Not the longest I've tested this year, but no surprise given the additional loft for this 3-hybrid.

Superb forgiveness on off-centre hits and requires little effort to get the ball airborne.


Some players may prefer a more compact, workable head, but not for us. It’s ideal and does the job. Lacks a bit of distance but it looks the part, feels superb in the hands, gets up quickly in the air and is very forgiving.

Pro Verdict

Big fan of the matte black crown. Very easy to launch off the deck but lacks a little fire compared to the others.

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