XR OS iron review

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 24 Feb 2016
XR OS iron review
Ideal iron for the higher handicap player looking to break into the low teens

Need To Know

Solid forgiveness and distance across the board; better feel than we were expecting; huge sweetspot is hard to miss
Not the nicest looking or sounding iron
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PRICE: £599.00 YEAR: from 2016

If you're after quantity and quality out of a game improvement iron, look no further than Callaway's latest XR OS.

Essentially an XR iron on steroids, the new XR OS model has been designed by Callaway to cater for you higher handicap players, or those who simply cannot quite get to grips with the brand's Apex CF 16 irons. 

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The XR OS iron features many of the previous technologies found in the XR iron, only the Cup 360 has been revamped with a new heat treatment process that expands the area of the face to deliver greater ball speed.

Callaway has also beefed out the sole by widening it and bevelling the back edge to aid better ball striking and turf interaction for players of all swing speeds and abilities. 

The centre of gravity (CG) has also been pushed lower and further back in the XR OS irons to help get the ball up and out there, while progressive lofts and blade lengths help increase the distance. 


As the OS in its name suggests, this is one oversized XR iron with plenty of chunk to look down on at address.

Its not the thickest topline we've ever seen in a game improvement iron, but as far as giant golf brands go, this has to be up there with the strongest top rails in today's market.

Some higher handicap players will likely appreciate all the added weight to this iron, as too plenty of offset to help square that face up better at impact. 

There is a wide sole down there too, but golf is no fashion show after all, so don't let any of that phase you. The cavity design looks fantastic in the bag and will no doubt appeal on the rack. 


Given its larger appearance, we must admit we were slightly surprised by its feel.

By no means does it possess the soft, silky feel of an Apex iron, but we enjoyed a similar sensation to that of the former XR iron, albeit it sounded a little more vociferous.

There was good feedback to be obtained on off-centre hits and the widened sole certainly contributed to decent turf interaction across different types of lie.


While not quite as long as we were anticipating given what's stored behind it, there was a small carry distance gain of several yards against the former XR iron. 

Ball flight was coming out on an ideal mid-to-high trajectory, too.

The XR OS iron's best attribute, however, proved its forgiveness. We enjoyed tremendous accuracy and an ease of ball striking from the large sweetspot no matter what type of swing we put on the ball.


We all want to play the irons with the glitz and the glamour, but sometimes we have to take a step back and remember we don't paint pictures on scorecards. 

The new Callaway XR OS iron is arguably one of the most forgiving irons currently on the market.

If you are just starting out this game or class yourself a high-handicap player who is looking to lower that handicap into the low teens this season, we recommend you take a long hard look at these.

With the option to purchase a set of the XR OS irons with no upcharge on a choice of premium shafts, the £600 price tag (steel) looks great value for money, particularly if you opt for a custom fitting.