Z155 iron review

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Charlie Lemay
Mon, 22 Feb 2016

Z155 iron review
An iron for mid to high handicappers, offering heaps of forgiveness and distance.

Need To Know

Forgiving, long on centre hits
Dull feel
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PRICE: £499.00 YEAR: from 2016

In recent years we have become increasingly enamoured with Srixon’s iron offerings, and while the Z155 is not the shining star in what is an impressive new line-up, it still boasts numerous merits.

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Like the rest of the range, the Z155 has a simple, uncluttered appearance which we took to immediately. The predominantly chrome and black colour scheme is punctuated by red and white flashes, and there is just one simple 'Srixon' logo on the back of the iron.

Behind the ball, the club is reassuringly chunky. For single digit players it may be a bit of a bulbous eyesore, but it should suit mid to high handicappers.


On the hard side compared to the other irons in the range, and not quite as lively off the face.


The Z155 is incredibly forgiving. From all over the face we were getting generous distances.

In terms of length, when struck from the sweet spot the Z155 offered a heap of yardage. However, we did struggle with consistency, with some shots springing off the face an extra 10 yards.

As you would expect from a maximum game improvement iron, we weren’t able to manoeuvre the ball a great deal. But let’s face it, that’s unlikely what mid to high handicappers are looking for.

It’s an easy iron to get off the ground and is naturally high launching. It gets through the turf with ease, and is well balanced, allowing us to feel the clubhead throughout the swing.


An iron for mid to high handicappers, offering heaps of forgiveness and distance. Easy to get off the ground, and long when struck from the centre. 

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