King F6 iron review

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 16 Dec 2015
King F6 iron review

Need To Know

Forgiving, control and spin offered in short irons
Feel suffers in long irons
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PRICE: £499.00 YEAR: from 2016

Cobra's new F6 line of irons is a brave innovation, with the brand deciding to optimise each club in order to maximise performance.

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The head shape remains broadly similar to the Fly-Z iron. From the back, the cavity is less overpowering compared to that seen on last year’s iteration, which will suit most people’s eye.

It has a dark nickel finish which creates a clean aesthetic, while the colouring is simple and subtle. As you would expect in a game improvement iron, the F6 has a large top line and sole, and a chunky cavity. Compared to other game improvers, there isn’t too much cavity on show at address.


In the mid and short irons, there is a soft but lively feel on offer. However, in the longer irons, the feel is not as responsive, although it remains soft.


Cobra has created a progressive set of irons, in order to optimise performance in every club.

Four different head shapes are used to achieve this; a full hollow design with face insert in 3-5 irons, half hollow design used in 6-7 irons, cavity back design in 8-PW, speciality wedge design in GW-SW.

The long irons boast heel to toe weighting and the largest unsupported face of any Cobra irons, making them particularly forgiving.  A Speed Channel sole and face further enhances help on off-centre hits.

They are naturally high launching, which will suit players who struggle to get the ball into a high apex.

They are above average in terms on distance, but are not leading in the yardage stakes.

The half hollow design on the mid irons allows for more control, while still offering a load of forgiveness. An aluminum cap replaces steel, allowing for a lower CG, which maintains a high ball flight, although it is more penetrating than the long irons.

The short irons switch to U-grooves from V-grooves for more grip on the ball – we were getting some excellent spin rates. The cavity back design has a low CG, and still offers lots of forgiveness. There is a decent amount of control on offer as well. Once again, the flight is more penetrating, but remains high.

The wedges look like better player clubs, and they offered lots of spin from 100 yards and in. Higher handicappers may take a while to get used to them, as there is little forgiveness on offer.


Cobra’s decision to optimise each club has paid dividends. The long irons are forgiving and easy to get in the air, while shorter irons provide more control and spin.

A great set for a mid handicapper. 

Shaft: FST Steel Flighted, Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 (graphite)
Grip: Lamkin REL 360
Colours: Glass Black with Vibrant Orange

Head to the Cobra website for more information.