MP-5 iron review

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 16 Oct 2015
MP-5 iron review
The golfing equivalent of an Aston Martin

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Sexy looks, impressive all-round feel, great workability, nice penetrating ball flight, more forgiving than we anticipated
There are more forgiving player irons out there
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PRICE: £115.00 YEAR: from 2015

Mizuno's latest better-player MP-5 forged iron is your golfing equivalent of an Aston Martin. 

In the eyes of Mizuno, the sexy-looking MP-5 is neither a blade or cavity, but a "Channel Back" - although we feel it much rather lands on the side of blade. 

Designed for maximum feel and workability, the Japanese brand is positioning the MP-5 between the classic MP blades and the smaller players' cavity back. 

According to Mizuno, the "Channel Back" is designed to keep an appropriate degree of thickness between the central impact point in order to deliver blade-like feel, while also allowing weight to be distributed around the head in order to increase forgiveness. 

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Has there ever been a more sexy iron in golf? 

The MP-5 oozes class down behind the ball and the heads dazzle peering out the bag. 

The clubhead is slightly larger than a traditional blade and the topline is not quite as thin as the former MP-4 player iron, so there is enough down there to excite more than just a scratch player. 


We noted terrific overall balance between the clubhead and shaft.

Off-centre hits caused little vibration to the hands, while centre strikes off the 1025E Grain Flow Forged Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel face were greeted with a crisp sound and soft feel. 


We sensed strong energy out the face and superb levels of workability.

By no means the most forgiving iron on the market, but you certainly get more help with this one than the former MP-4 player iron. There was a lot more forgiveness to this iron that we initially anticipated. 

Distance sat in the middle of the pack in our better-player irons test 2015, but there was a nice penetrating trajectory to the flight and that will likely suit the low-handicap players out there. 


Very capable players should get involved with the MP-5 because it offers everything you want from a blade with strong looks, impressive feel and bundles of workability.

Given a set of these irons will set you back more than £900, we feel only very low-handicap players will want to get involved.

The rest of us can just enjoy the images. 

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