Burner OS

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 22 Oct 2012
Burner OS

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Wide sole camber; low centre of gravity; thin face construction; soaring high ball flights; visually appealing
Although game improvement irons, the set only comprises 5-SW
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PRICE: £449.00 YEAR: from 2012

Give me a short iron and I’ll find the green. Give me a long iron and it more than likely won’t be seen.

One of the most frustrating parts to my game right now is the inability to get my long irons in the air. I can’t recall how many times my friends have cried ‘Sally’ as my ball attempts to hurdle the worms with a 5-iron.

After a weekend round with TaylorMade’s new game improvement Burner OS irons, I was hitting the ball more purer than I have in a long time. Key behind this performance was the wide sole camber that enabled me to make consistently clean contact with my Penta TP5 in the sodden wet conditions.

Burner OS irons also comprise a low positioned centre of gravity and thin face construction, which provided fast ball speeds, but most pleasingly, soaring high ball flights.

I was also impressed with the lightweight steel shaft, which will no doubt allow mid-to-high handicap golfers with slower swing speeds to achieve impressive distance.

Aesthetically, the irons inspire confidence at address with a two-tone Gunmetal finish, and true to their oversize credentials, the line features a thick, yet generous offset for a slight draw bias.

The irons also incorporate Inverted Cone Technology that generates consistent distance even on off-centre hits. This will ultimately prove a Godsend to those who rarely find the middle of the club.

Available at £449 (5-SW) in steel, £549 in graphite and in a ladies version. 


Although these irons probably won’t appeal to too many single-figure handicap players, they certainly helped improve a glaring weakness in my game at the weekend. 

If you struggle to get the ball in the air, the Burner OS gets our recommendation to improve your trajectories. Not only do they also look great, the feel is solid and reliable too. 

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