Longridge Vector

Starting out in golf? We take a look at the best value-for-money beginner golf sets on the market...

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Fri, 13 Sep 2013

Longridge Vector

Brand: Longridge
Name: Vector Mens Complete set (teenagers + adults)
Set: Driver, 3-Wood, Hybrid, 5-9 irons, Pitch + Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag, Trolley, Umbrella, Towel. accessories
Best Price: £149.95
Website: Golf Direct

This really is the all-round golf set, combining good quality clubs, a trolley, an umbrella, some golf balls and all the accessories you require to get straight on the course. It's perfect for a beginner who's already dabbled with the game in practice and now finally wants to venture out and see what they can do.

The clubs from driver to putter are designed to help the golfer, focusing on forgiveness and playability. The driver has an over-sized 460cc allow head that is durable and helps you get started with the scariest club in the bag, while the hybrid 4-iron gives an option off the fairway when requiring to take a long shot.

The irons are cavity back and have over-sized heads that have large sweet spots to help developing golfers, while the putter is a classic blade-style shape. As part of the accessories you get a towel, umbrella, 12 tees (70mm), three golf balls, two plastic pitchforks, and six ball markers. Remember to fix those pitch marks with the pitchforks provided.

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