Most expensive golf drivers 2013

Three of the most expensive drivers on the market today...

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Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Most expensive golf drivers 2013
Honma Tour World TW717 460cc

Brand: Honma
Driver: Tour World TW717 460
Loft: 9.5- and 10.5-degree
Shaft: Honma graphite VIZARD TA 55/65/75 or Honma ARMRQ8
Player Type: Low-to-mid capper
Clubhead size: 455cc
Head: KS1000 Forged Titanium
Price: £5,095 (if you buy with the 5-Star, ARMQ8 shaft)
Website: Honma

Hand-crafted to order, Honma Tour World TW717 features a classic deep-faced shape, heel-toe weights to keep the head square at impact and dual fusion face to enlarge the sweetspot.

TW717 also comprises a large 455cc clubhead, KS100 Forged Titanium sole and crown and VL Forged Titanium face.