OS Monte Carlo putter review

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Tue, 10 May 2016
OS Monte Carlo putter review

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Stable, forgiving, simple aesthetics
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PRICE: £169.95 YEAR: from 2016

TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo putter review

The half-moon design employed in the TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo putter will appeal to a variety of strokes, from arcing to straight back and through, and the club's key attributes are what many players are looking for in a flat stick.


A very simple design. From the top, the putter has an uncluttered feel, with the flash of red being the only thing to punctuate the silver body. The large alignment aid is raised, helping players to ensure they are square to the target.

The “Taylormade” logo is on the backside and bottom of the putter – there is nothing to putt you off as you stand over the ball.

The silver finish may cause issues with glare on sunny days.


The feel is softer than the TaylorMade OS Spider, and there is a lot of feedback on offer, like its sister putter. The quality of feel helps players judge pace, and simply makes the putter a pleasure to hit. 

We enjoyed the overall balance of the putter, allowing us to complete a smooth stroke. Thanks to the oversized head, through the hitting area we rarely experienced any twisting, allowing us to hole a lot of putts.

Clearly, the putter is not as stable as a mallet, but we think most players will find enough help on offer. From distance, the OS Monte Carlo offer better feel and distance control compared to a mallet. 

The sweet spot is large, especially compared to other half-moon putters on the market, meaning our misses were never too far off.


The TaylorMade OS Monte Carlo is a forgiving and high MOI half-moon putter. The insert offers a soft but responsive feel, which helps with pace.

A putter that will appeal to a lot of players as it offers help on short putts, but also control from further afield.

Head to the TaylorMade website for more information. 

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