Pringle v Sunderland weathersuits

Top names, head-to-head

Pringle v Sunderland weathersuits
Pringle v Sunderland weathersuits
Pringle’s detachable sleeves.

Sunderland of Scotland GT Pro rain suit

Price: Jacket £100, trousers £65


Pringle Birrell Waterproof top and Broome trousers

Price: Top £85, trousers £75

When two of the most famous names in golf clothing go head-to-head in a comparison test, it’s going to be a tough call to separate them.

Just like Tiger v Ernie, each has their own strengths and very few weaknesses. Each has idiosyncracies where attention to detail can give one the edge over the other.

And so it proved when Sunderland of Scotland and Hawick-based Pringle provided waterproofs suits and tops to Golfmagic for review.

Both had clearly looked closely at their respective ranges of clothing and re-considered the detail of their garments – almost to the point of being too fussy. But golfers, as we know well, like to appreciate those little extras which identify that the manufacturer understand their needs.

Pringle v Sunderland weathersuits
GT Pro jacket from Sunderland.

In my early experience of Sunderland waterproofs 12 years ago, I had not been too impressed. While windproof and warm, with fleece-lined pockets, they seemed a contradiction to their description of ‘proof from water’.

However, Warren Sunderland’s legendary Glasgow-based company has, with its GT Pro suit, delivered style with practicality.

And the softness of the material means you could swing a club in a library and not be admonished for breaking stringent noise barriers.

It features a water-repellent outer fabric, a waterproof and breathable membrane liner and mesh fabric drop liner. It has a similar trim system, storm collar and a couple of concealed accessory pockets to keep your glove and scorecard dry. There’s also extra room under the arms and across the shoulders so as not to hamper your swing.

I particularly appreciated the innovative adjustable trim system accessed through the pockets. By pulling a cord at either side, it prevents the butt of the putter snagging in your clothing.

The new line of vibrant colours include bright red, yellow and royal blue.

Pringle v Sunderland weathersuits
Sunderland’s stylish trousers.

The trousers were a revelation with obvious influence from the makers studying the outdoor walking and rock-climbing market.

Indeed they could be worn as an alternative to golf slacks as well over-trousers and with their webbed belt fastening system and velcro flap covering of the side panel zips, in my opinion would be quite acceptable in most clubhouses.

They also have micro-fleece hand-warmer pockets and built-in lightweight padding in the legs to keep you warm on the most exposed winter courses.

Pringle’s Birrell suit, with its waterproof, windproof and breathable top guaranteed for two years also paid attention to detail. It’s sleeves, which can detach just above the elbow, give golfers the option to use it as a windcheater, exposing the arms or sleeves of the sweater underneath.

The top also had a zip which falls just below the left ear which not only make it easier to pull on and off but let’s in cool air when your game threatens to get you hot under the collar.

Its Broome trousers, though not as soft and flexible as the Sunderland ones, are genuinely waterproof, windproof and breathable and have a draw string waist and zip legs. Both top and trousers (30-34-inch leg) are available in black, pewter and navy) with the top also available in light denim.


As an avid winter golfer I have come to appreciate the qualities of waterproof suits and tops and found both among the best I have tried in the past decade. Both were difficult to separate in terms of practicality and both washed as good as new, though Pringle recommended only hand-washing and drip drying. Overall Sunderland’s suit had a slight edge because of its innovative trim system and styling, though Pringle’s versatility with its detachable sleeves, scored valuable points.

Golfmagic rating: Sunderland: 9/10; Pringle 8.5

*An option to the Sunderland GT Pro Top is the GT Pro Convertible jacket (£115) which has detachable sleeves for milder conditions. GT Pro Convertible Weatherbeaters (£90) also feature sleeves which unzip and detach just above the elbow. The women's range includes a GT Pro Sports jacket (£85), GT Pro Midi jacket (£100) and trousers (£65).

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